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Autism & Developmental Delays

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Early Intervention Children




Multi-Disciplinary Clinic


Consultant & Specialist SEN Tutor

MSc. Positive Approaches to Challenging Behaviour

BCBA: Board Certified Behaviour Analyst

Specialism: Challenging Behaviour / Speech Deficits / non-verbal and emerging verbal children with or without a diagnosis of autism, developmental delay

Speech & Language ASLTIP


Speech and Language Therapist 

In Private Practice: 

Registered with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists.  

Specialism: Autism & other disabilities.  

Oral Placement Therapy and Autism

Specialist SEN Tutor

Specialist SEN Tutor: 

EYFS Level 4 - Education Care & Management

Specialism: Non-verbal and emerging verbal children with and without a diagnosis of Autism. Early Years Practioner

Specialist SEN Tutor

Specialist SEN Tutor: RN, EYFS Level 3

Specialism: Autism, non-verbal & emerging verbal, Social Thinking, Zones of Regulation, Early Years Practitioner

Covid 19 Policy

The Clinic currently operates under Covid19 guidelines. All staff wear PPE and masks/visors and we use social distancing. Parents should also be prepared to wear masks when visiting the clinic. Shoes and coats need to be removed and lef‚Äčt in the downstairs cloakroom. Hand sanitisers are provided. Parents will be requested to fill out a brief questionnaire to indicate their testing status, family bubble, and isolation history. 

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