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Autism & Developmental Delays

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Early Intervention Children




Multi-Disciplinary Clinic

We are a private multi-disciplinary communication clinic, specialising in 

early years to primary school children, who might need a bit of extra help.

We offer consultation, home programmes, 

clinic-based assessments, workshops,

1:1 tutoring, targets.

We offer clinic-based behavioural advice and parental training.

We offer 1:1 tutoring for families, who might not want a full programme,

but may need a bit of behavioural input and support for their child. 

We believe parents make wonderful educators, so we are happy to train parents. 

Social interaction / Behavioural challenges / Language Delays

Programmes are based upon the principles of Positive Behaviour Support

Consultants Available In Our Clinic

Behaviour Consultant

Speech and Language Therapist 

EYFS Early Years Support

Programmes Offered


Positive Behaviour Support 

The latest researched method of positively supporting and 

motivating children to learn. 

Targets are play-based and delivered in a naturalistic fun way. 


Early Years Foundation Stage

An early years UK Curriculum used in schools from age 3 to the end of the Reception year. 

KS1 - Key Stage 1 in Primary School Curriculum

KS2 - Key Stage 2 in Primary School Curriculum


 Applied Behaviour Analysis - an American Behavioural Intervention Programme. We can offer programmes based upon the principles of ABA & we use naturalistic play-based methods. 


Verbal Behaviour Analysis. 

An American behavioural programme that encourages language development in the natural environment.

 Delivered in the home or extra 1:1 sessions in the clinic, using naturalistic, play-based techniques, based upon the principles of VBA. 


Therapists work together with other professionals to get the best results. 


Speech and Language Therapy. 

Our Speech and Language therapist works closely with our other professionals and provides input into behavioural programmes. 

Covid 19 Policy

The Clinic currently operates under Covid19 guidelines. All staff wear PPE and masks/visors and use social distancing. Parents should also be prepared to wear masks when visiting the clinic. Shoes and coats need to be removed and left in the downstairs cloakroom. Hand sanitisers are provided. Parents will be requested to fill out a brief questionnaire to indicate their testing status, family bubble, and isolation history. 

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